MAKE - Dashwood Advent Calendar panel November 23, 2015 19:42

What you'll need:

  • Dashwood Winter wonderland advent fabric panel
  • Backing fabric 60x55cm
  • 50cm ribbon for hanging
  • (optional) Wadding / batting 60x55cm
  • (optional) 50cm bias tape for dowel channel to aid hanging straight.
  • (optional) 45cm dowel rod (9mm thick available at all good DIY shops)
  • Thread
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine

Full kit available in our shop.

Take your pre-printed advent panel and cut out the main panel and all pockets as instructed.

(Be sure to leave pockets 2-6 and 14-18 in long strips - do not cut along the dotted lines! and leave as much of the green border around the main front piece as possible)

Take both pocket strips and pre press (iron) down the top and bottom edges and then press in the box pleats. Hiding the blue dashed line between each pocket.

Pin your pocket strips in place on the main panel matching the numbers.

Sew down your pocket strip along side edge, bottom edge and back up the other side in one continuous line of stitches.

To secure the box pleats down to the panel 'stitch in the ditch' along the dashed line between the 2 pockets (being careful not to catch the pockets with your needle)


Take all your single pocket pieces and pre-press (iron) top, sides and bottom edges in.

 Pin each pocket to the main panel matching the numbers.

Sew each single pocket down along sides and bottom edge only (ideally in one continuous line of stitching)

Your main panel should starting to take shape now with all pockets sewn on.

OPTIONAL - Take a piece of wadding / Batting, lay it under the main panel and quilt through both layers freehand or follow a few simple lines like the tree trunk and pot. This will give your panel a quilted and slightly padded look and secure the 2 layers for the next part. 

Now for the Backing!

Take a piece of bias tape or ribbon approx 45cm long and attach it to your backing fabric approx 4cm down from the top raw edge and central to the width. Sew a straight stitch along top and bottom edge of tape ensuring not to seal the ends as this is a channel for a dowel rod.

Place your backing face down on top of your main panel front so that both printed sides are together.

(If you have used wadding this will be underneath the front panel so that the main front is trapped in-between the wadding and the backing.)

Sandwich a piece of ribbon 50cm long into the top seam between the front and back panel.

This will be to hang your finished advent calendar.

SEW all the way around the whole shape following the outer edge of the red border leaving a gap approx 10cm wide at the bottom center edge to turn the whole thing through.

Turn everything through the gap, poke out pointy corners and check all details.

When you are happy top stitch around the inner edge of the red border through all layers to quilt. Use a long stitch length approx 3.5mm.

Hand sew the gap opening at the bottom and you are finished!!!

Ta Da well done! Now fill with advent treats and start counting...


Show us how you got on and what you filled your calendar with we would love to hear from you.