Quick little Pom Poms

How to make a quick little Pom Pom using just a fork and a pair of scissors.

Here's what you need to do...


Wrap your favourite yarn/wool around all the teeth neatly, try to keep both ends of the yarn available to tie in a knot to secure.


Thread a another length of yarn through the middle gap and tie a double knot very tightly to secure your pom. (If you wish to hang your Pom keep this length long and do not cut it off when trimming later)


Take your yarn off the fork and you should have what looks like a little bow tie. Cut through the loops on either side.


Your pom pom will look messy so fluff it up and gently preen.


Trim your pom pom

Give your pom pom a good hair cut, et Voila!

Now make lots...!

If you wish to make bigger pom poms see my favourite Clover Pom Pom makers available XS-XXL

Clover Pom pom maker

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