Silversmithing with Noctua May 4, 2018 18:23

I recently got the opportunity to attend one of the Noctua Silversmithing workshops at Stitch Studio.

Noctua are based in Liverpool at the Baltic triangle but every few months they venture North, much to our delight, and give us a taste of Silversmithing in the form of short weekend workshops.

These workshops are suitable for complete beginners and Noctua provide everything you need to try Silversmithing for the first time or further your skills.

The workshop that I attended was to make Stacking rings and I was delighted with the results.

The session was a wonderful introduction to the world of Silversmithing and making your own jewellery.

Silver rings made at Stitch Studio UK

Here are the rings that I made on the day. One hammered and one with a stone setting.

During the workshop you are taken through the process step by step with care and attention and taught to use all manner of various tools to create your little masterpiece.

First the hardest part, choosing which rings to make and what colour stone to set???

We measured and filed the wire that would become our rings.

Then we use pliers and at this point your thinking hmmm maybe I'm not as good at this as I'd hoped...

 blowtorch Silversmithing at Stitch studio

But then you get to use a blowtorch, and things get all serious!

There is some sizing and hammering.

Noctua works a little magic here and there for you but your rings still look a little dull however, stick with it, the best is yet to come.

When you get all shiny and set your stone you can hardly believe that you have created something so special!

I chose to make 2 rings but Noctua give you the opportunity to add as many as you like for a small extra cost.

So if you fancy trying Silversmithing I highly recommend that you get in touch with Brittany at Noctua.

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