MAKE a Colour Me pen roll

Take your colouring anywhere with this great pen roll organiser.

We used Michael Miller Colour Me to the moon and back fabric print to make this so that you can have your colouring and pens all together when the mood strikes you to get creative. This would make a fabulous gift for a child or adult.

Get the fabrics and have a go or buy the KIT including full instructions and sewing pattern.

What you'll need:

Take 2 pocket pieces 25x10cm

Join the pocket pieces at the top and make a seam.


Press open this seam.

Press the seam flat, right sides out.

Lay pocket piece face up onto one layer of Main fabric 25x30cm (and one layer of optional wadding)

Sew the pocket piece down through all layers creating sleeves 2cm apart

Sandwich 25cm ribbon into the side seam at center point.

Lay another piece of main fabric 25x30cm on top face down.

Sew all around the shape using a 1cm seam allowance, leaving a 5cm gap.

Snip your corners off to remove bulk. Turn your roll through and top stitch all around the shape using 0.3cm seam allowance (closing the gap).

Lastly sew up verically through all layers at center seam point quilting and joining all layers and catching another 25cm of ribbon to use to tie your roll up.

And TA DA you're finished! Well done now get colouring.

NOTE: If you use Crayola washable pens like us then you can wash the colours out and colour in as many times as you like.

For full detailed instructions and the sewing pattern for this project see our KIT

Use this same sewing pattern and technique to house all manner of craft tools we love the idea of putting crochet hooks in one of these. Watch this space...

Happy Sewing x

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