About Freckles

Linzi Hannam Sewing Blogger Freckles and Co

I hate writing about myself, I mean its awkward right!? But just in case you’re interested here’s a bit about me:

I am a self employed sewing Teacher Pattern Designer and Blogger.

I’ve loved crafting all my life and watching my nana sewing as I grew up influenced me a lot. I studied textiles at college and graduated University with a Degree in Fashion, so its no surprise that I find myself working in a creative role surrounded by fabric.

I enjoy many different crafts but sewing is by far my favourite. I love the problem solving that’s involved with designing and constructing patterns, and the rush of excitement at the beginning of a new project. It’s pretty tricky to achieve a state of flow in this modern world but I definately lose track of time when I’m sewing, I find it very mindful.

After having children I was determined not to re-join the rat race. In desperate need of somewhere to hide all my craft stash, I opened a studio space in 2013 called Stitch Studio selling printed fabrics, notions and teaching sewing lessons. Thanks no doubt to the success of The Great British Sewing Bee and the resurgence of Arts and Crafts, my little business idea grew steadily and since then I have taught hundreds of beginners to sew. I am still in contact with many of these students through my Sewing Club Emails and continue to coach lots of them privately online and in person.

Freckles and co is where you will see me sewing for myself and my family, designing original sewing patterns and sharing my knowledge to encourage people to find their joy in sewing. I love bright modern fabrics, geometrics and florals, and am nostaligically in love with Liberty London (but who isn’t!?)

If you would like to learn to use a sewing machine, further your skills or get started on something new together then just get in touch and let's talk.

If you got to the end of this essay without nodding off well done and thank you! I look forward reading your comments and maybe seeing you over on Instagram @frecklesandcocraft

Bye for now