Beginners Essentials

Here's a guide to some of my favourite can't live without sewing tools and kit.

When you first set out in sewing it can be daunting knowing the difference between knowing what you really need, what will come in handy and which tools will be a waste of precious money you could be spending on fabrics!

Beginners guide to sewing essentials

Getting a good set of basic tools is essential and I would advise you to invest in quality from the beginning, even if that means you have to wait and save to build up your kit over time.

Here's my can't live without sewing essentials:

Freckles and Co guide to beginners sewing kit

1 FABRICS - In the early days stick with woven Fabrics preferably cotton as these will not stretch and slip. Grab some Fat quarters (squares of fabric) to play around with on small accomplishable projects. 

Freckles and Co guide to beginners sewing kit

2 SCISSORS - Invest in a quality pair of long fabric scissors and find a place to hide them so no-one cuts anything else with them! Sewing scissors are like kitchen knives and if treated with respect they will last forever.

Freckles and Co guide to beginners sewing kit

3 TAPE MEASURE - Obvious but essential!

4 THREADS - you'll want a nice selection of basic colours when starting out.

A general purpose cotton or polyester thread will work in your machine and for hand finishing. TopTip - Get additional white and Black

5 PINS - Long glass headed pins are my favourite (not too thick)


NICE TO HAVE, but not essential in the beginning:

6 WONDERCLIPS - An alternative to pins when you don't want to pierce your fabric or when you need to pinch edges together.

Fiskars sewing snips

7 SNIPS - Always handy to have a small pair of snips nearby your machine for cutting oose threads.

Rotary cutter and self healing mat 

8 Rotary cutter + Self healing mat - Your new best friends! Believe me if you get the hang of the rotary cutter you'll never look back. And the mat is essential for protecting your worksurface under the blade.

Patchwork ruler 

9 Patchwork ruler - Even if you're not interested in patchwork you'll love these rulers for getting straight and bias cuts.

Meter stick for sewing

10 Meter stick - Very handy as your projects get bigger maybe curtains or blinds and even dressmaking, when you need to measure meterage.


If you are looking for sewing patterns and project ideas see my Pattern shop and more Blog Posts.

And if you are lucky enough to have a craft space all to yourself check out my Craft Room Prints HERE

Good Luck I hope your sewing brings you joy!

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