Eyeball Pom Poms

Make quick and easy Eyeball Pom Poms at Halloween or just for fun!

What you will need:

Eyeball Pom Poms at Stitch Studio UK

We're using our favourite Clover Pom Pom makers in size Small available HERE.

But if you are using a different tool the technique will be the same.

Start with the black PUPIL


Then the IRIS colour


Make the WHITE of the eye

Then choose a colour and fill this side of the maker


FILL the other side in solid colour

CUT through all layers

TIE a loop of yarn right through the center and secure with a double knot!

REMOVE your Pom from the maker, you will have a messy FLUFF BALL

TRIM your fluff ball and give it a really good haircut to achieve the round shape.


Add some Nerve endings at the back with red yarn or Embroidery Thread, the key is that it splits well for the ends. Thread a couple of loose ends right through the eye ball (gross!) then fray the ends for authentic effect.


Now make lots and think about how you can use them to scare your friends!

Why not make a bowl full of them for a Halloween party or string them into a gruesome garland to hang up.

Try using different Iris colours.

We hope you liked this tutorial, show us how you get on #stitchstudiomakes

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