Make Fabric Book covers December 1, 2020 21:00

Here’s a fool proof way to make a lovely fabric cover for any size notebook, diary or journal. You can cover any size book this way by making your own sewing pattern with these instructions.

Kit list – you will need:

  • Notebook/diary (Case bound recommended)
  • Fabric 1 (main cover)
  • Fabric 2 (liner)
  • Fabric 3 (Cover pockets)
  • (Optional) wadding/interface layer
  • (Optional) 30cm Skinny ribbon for page marker)
  • A3 paper or 2 x A4 / cello tape / pencil / ruler 30cm+
  • Sewing machine / thread / scissors / pins

Lets get started


Trace around the open book, add extra to the width and height of your book (for exact measurements see this project in my ETSY SHOP).


Using your new pattern template cut 1 x main outer cover, 1 x lining, 1 optional wadding layer, 2 pockets.

(NOTE: If you wish to embellish your book cover do this now!) Consider adding an applique motif, see ‘How to Applique’ HERE


Make pocket pieces by cutting main cover pattern in half then fold each lengthways to make 2 pockets (This is how the book stays in the cover) The pockets look great in a contrasting fabric.


Layer your fabrics in this order: 1. Padding 2. Outer cover FACE UP 3. Pockets either side (Iron pockets in half wrong sides together) 4. Lining layer on top FACE DOWN.

(NOTE: If you wish to insert a page marker add a ribbon between main and lining fabric at center top seam now with main length of ribbon hidden inside the layers)

5. SEW

Join all layers together sewing the outer edge. Leave a 5cm gap (2.5″) in the bottom edge.


Trim seam allowance all the way around to remove bulk inside the cover when you turn it through.


Clip corners to remove bulk when turning your book cover through. Be careful not to weaken your corner by cutting too close to the stitches.


Turn your cover the right way out by pulling it all through the gap left in the bottom edge. Don’t panic if your pockets are facing the wrong way, at this point your book cover is reversible.


Test your book cover to see if it fits? If your book cover has wriggle room then top stitch all the way around the cover 0.2cm seam allowance which will tighten the cover up and close the gap.

If the cover is tight then just hand stitch the gap closed neatly. This will also result in a reversible book cover… ooooh!


Inset your book into its new cover and do a happy dance! Now decide whether it is too cute to give away, keep it and make another 10 for gifts.

I have my Christmas organiser covered in a festive fun fabric which really helps me get into the Christmas spirit each year!Freckles and Co Christmas book covers

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