Unicorns do exist

We've recently fallen in love with the Simplicity 1218 Stuffed animal head sewing pattern designed by Abby Glassenberg.

In particular the Unicorn took our fancy so we made a sample and thought you might like to see how this pattern comes together.

Simplicity 1218 stuffed animal head unicorn

If you are thinking of making one yourself you could use these photos as you work through the project we have tried to capture every step exactly as per the pattern instructions.

You can buy the sewing patterns in our shop HERE or pick up a full sewing kit including all the fleece and notions you need to make your very own unicorn or deer.

1> Make the ears

2> Turn the ears out press and fold

3> Add safety eyes and lashes

Attach ear and lower mane

4> Baste (we didn't bother)

5> Make the head (catching the lower mane in)

6> Upper mane

7> Insert upper mane

8> Stitch to sandwich the mane in.

(It gets pretty tricky sewing 3 layers of fleece but not impossible so stick with it)

9> Construct the head (try not to get stabbed)

10> Make holes in cardboard for the wire hanger.

The pattern says use an awl... whatever one of those is? however we found a pair of snips and a knitting needle worked just fine.

Attach fleece base to neck leaving a gap as per pattern markings.

11> Turn head right side out - The big reveal...

Insert cardboard and wire hanger then STUFF head firmly!

Ladder stitch opening closed.

12> Time for the Horn (seriously don't snigger so juvenile lol)

13> Stitch, turn horn right side out and hand sew to your head.

Twist thread around the horn and secure.

Finally create nostrils by inserting a long needle right through the nose back and forward. (If you are squeamish ask someone else to do this poor unicorn!)

And there you have it! Now all you have to do is name him/her

Add this plush stuffed animal head to any room for a fun decoration maybe even hang it on a plaque for authenticity.

You could have some fun changing the colour of the main or horn, who thinks a rainbow main would be pretty sweet or maybe magical pastel hues.

You can find the designer of this fabulous pattern Abby Glassenberg here 

Let us know if you make one we would love to see... and tag your photos with #makeitstitch so we can see what you came up with. 

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