What is a Quillow?

What is a Quillow? I've heard this question so many so many times...
We host a great workshop Make - a Quillow in a day and the question everyone's asks when they see it advertised is 'What on earth is a Quillow?'

As you can see from the photos the Quillow is a simple quilt design with a pillow pocket attached for the quilt to fold into to become a pillow.

Our good friend Derryth Mellish brought the Quillow to our attention a couple of years ago apparently it's common knowledge in South Africa... who knew.

We chose Michael Miller fabric collection 'nuts for dinner' to make a sample and we have since seen some gorgeous Quillows made at Stitch Studio.


To make a Quillow at Stitch Studio check out our Classes

We have also since seen the same idea refereed to as a Planket which is just another play on words but what a great idea! What would you call yours?

You could have some fun designing your pillow and adding extra features like a carry handle. For more design ideas see our Pinterest Board

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Keep in touch - Comment below and show us what you're making.

Have a great week

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