Crochet Flip Flop Hack

Crochet t-shirt yarn flip flop at Stitch

Reinvent an old pair of flip flops with a small amount of t-shirt yarn and some basic crochet skills.

Here's how...

Old Flip Flops

Detach old thong by cutting off with scissors

Need: Approx 1m of soft T-shirt Yarn (we used Hoooked)

Create a loop on either side and tie a tight knot underneath

(measure these equally leaving approx 5cm loop above the sole) 

Chain approx 27 stitches with remaining yarn.

Thread your chain through each side loop on the sole so that your two ends meet at the front.

Tie a knot with both strands so that the chain forms a loop with 2 tails at one end (this becomes the toe thong.)

Poke both ends through the front hole in the sole (adjust to fit) and tie a tight knot with both strands to secure underneath.

Crochet t-shirt yarn flip flop at Stitch


Crochet t-shirt yarn flip flop at Stitch

Now go on the hunt for lots more old Flip flops and have some fun with other colours and embellishments.

If you can't crochet but would like to learn see our CLASSES or check out alternative ways of stringing the yarn for a more simple effect without Crochet.

Have a go and I hope you have as much fun as I did. A quick crafty win for sure!

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