How to use Freckles and Co PDF sewing patterns

Piecing print at home sewing patterns can seem daunting but it is a really quick way to get sewing immediately with many advantages like no postage costs and a digital copy for future use of different sizes.

Freckles and Co PDF sewing patterns

Most of my sewing patterns come with a print at home PDF option and, especially with some of the larger designs, there can be a lot of sheets to piece together which looks complicated but is actually pretty straightforward.

Here's some of my top tips:

Before printing, download your new pattern and look at the PDF on your device. There will be HYPERLINKS (link to a webpage online) on each document that lead you straight to for further information, tutorials and advice.

TOOLS - To work with PDF patterns you will need a few things:

  • Printer / paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Paper scissors

PRINTING - Always print at 100% (no scaling to fit!) you can check this in your print settings before hitting PRINT.

SCALE - The front page of each document will have a scale for you to double check before you start cutting. This will ensure that your printer has not adjusted the size of the pattern to fit its own print settings. And will also give you an idea of the scale of the project and fabric required.

Sewing pattern scale

JOINING - Regardless of the design each sheet comes with cut lines and page joining markers. To make the joining easy I have added a faint cut line along the RIGHT and BOTTOM edges of each page. If you cut along these lines this will make it easier to match and join over the top of the next sheet to the right and bottom. I use sticky tape to join my pieces together but you could use a glue stick (just be careful not to get any glue on your fabrics)

piecing together PDF sewing patterns


PREVIEW - When possible I will have added a small preview image of how the pattern should look when it is pieced together correctly. If not you will find a preview in the online instructions.

Freckles and co sewing patterns preview

CUTTING - Once you have pieced together your sheets and stuck them at the crucial joining lines you can cut out your pattern templates.

SIZING - When a pattern has several size options I will show this with different coloured solid and dashed lines. Look out for fold line indicators and notches.

sewing pattern sizing code

QR - If you are stuck or want quick access to the full instructions of your project look for a QR code somewhere on the main pattern piece. Scan this with your phone and you should be directed straight to the instructions at

INSTRUCTIONS - Basic instructions are sometimes printed on the document to get you going but you will always find a full photo tutorial on my BLOG and sometimes a video on my YouTube channel.

Freckles and Co sewing pattern instructions

If you have any trouble piecing together one of my patterns don't hesitate to get in touch I would love to help you!

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