Kimono Sewing Pattern review

My latest dressmaking project was a really special one and such a joy to work on. A gift for my mum for Mother's day made from fabric we found in my late nanas fabric stash. My nana was an avid seamstress and hoarded fabric and notions like a pro. She had an eye for colour and quality and would make the most wonderful dresses.

I promised I would use the fabric to make something nice for mum as these colours look so great on her! It was all a surprise and I even had to finish the garment first thing on the morning of Mother's day due to a little set back and a skirmish with a seam ripper.

Simplicity K1108 Kimono sewing pattern review Freckles and Co

I chose to use the Simplicity pattern S1108 and there are several options to choose including a short bat wing design and a maxi with a set in sleeve which is on my bucket list!

This time I chose to make option B which is shorter with the grown on sleeve.  

I can't show you how I positioned my pattern on the fabric as this was a tricky one to lay, due to such wide sleeves. I had to work with single thickness of fabric and move the pieces around carefully to fit everything in.
Note - the NECK BAND is tricky to lay as it is so long and curved so play around, keeping your eye on the grain line and consider using a contrasting fabric for the band as I did. And make sure you cut 2 opposites!

Here’s how I put the garment together: 

1. With RIGHT SDES together stitch center back seam of back and sleeve sections. I chose to 'French seam' to hide raw edges. 

Kimono sewing pattern review Simplicity K1108 Freckles and Co


GATHER - upper edge of center back between notches using long machine stitches.

2. Stitch front and sleeve to back at shoulder and underarms.

BANDS - Consider whether you will interface your neck band. I chose not to as the denim I chose was stiff enough. I actually cut up one of my old dresses for the band fabric.

3. With RIGHT sides together construct the front, back and lower back band pieces together (be careful to follow notches at this step)

Kimono sewing pattern review Simplicity K1108 Freckles and Co
4. CLIP into curves of band where necessary
With RIGHT sides together pin band to kimono, matching notches and seams. Pull up gathering stitches to fit. Stitch band to main body.
5. PRESS seam towards band.
6. Construct band facing (I used same fabric as main body) stitch to attach band facing to band. TRIM seam wastage to 6mm.
Kimono sewing pattern review Simplicity K1108 Freckles and Co
7. I didn't bother to understitch as I intended to top stitch the band.
8. Turn facing to inside of garment and PRESS. On inside pin pressed edge of band facing OVER to create a hem edge and pin on the outside. On OUTSIDE stitch in the seam ditch to catch in pressed hem on the inside.
9. PRESS hem allowance up on sleeves and stitch.
And you are COMPLETE! I loved the finished result with this pattern and my mum loved it too. Now I'm going to cut out option C for myself and I know just the fabric I'm going to use! If you've tried this pattern tell me how you got on in the comments. Which option did you make?
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