Origami Butterflies

Make simple Origami Butterflies with this FREE worksheet and template.

I wanted to try something a bit different this month at Kids Craft Club.

Origami is something I always love the look of but don't get much chance to explore so I chose a simple project.

'Here's one I made earlier' in Stitch blue of course.

For this sample I used 15cm square Origami paper from Amazon, but I have also put a template on the worksheet for you to have a little practice with first.

Download and print the worksheet for FREE to have a go, and tell us how you get on.

Origami butterfly worksheet and template

The project went down well with the kids and its a joy to see the way that they can always take an idea one step further.

We made butterfly garlands by stringing different colours onto thread, and started a competition to see who could make the smallest butterfly (Micro Origami?).

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Until next time Happy crafting...


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Hello Linzi,
We were hoping to use the beautiful photo of your origami butterfly as part of our school system’s “theme” for the coming school year: Renew & Reimagine. Could we have your permission to use it? We also might like to share your instructions for creating the butterfly with our students. We love it!

Thank you for your consideration and please let us know as soon as possible.

Patti Renaud
Communications Coordinator
Glastonbury Public Schools
Glastonbury, CT

Patti Renaud

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