Quick Christmas Tree mat

DIY Christmas Tree Mat Freckles and Co Craft

Make a quick and easy 1 piece Christmas Tree Mat and embellish or don't depending on how much time you have.

I calculated that for a small tree you need to draft a circle with a radius of 19", 22" for a medium and 25" for a large tree.

Now... drafting a circle sounds simple but in reality it can be tricky getting the size right and can take time and space that you might not have.

To make this easy I have drafted a circle pattern in 3 sizes that you can print at home and piece together for a seamless circle skirt/mat with a small center for the trunk of the tree.

I have also included cut lines if you wanted to make your tree mat cut into 4 or 8 pieces. In this case just be sure to add a seam allowance to the sides when cutting.

You can make this project as complicated or easy as you like. I could call it a sewing pattern but the truth is you don't even have to sew this one if you don't want to.

If you cut from thick felt the edges won't fray and you can even embellish using a spray adhesive. Otherwise you can back the skirt and embellish by hand sewing or applique as I did in the photos.



If you are making one with me let's go:


If you have printed on A4 or US LETTER piece together your pattern now and be sure to tape the joining edges before cutting with paper scissors.


If you are making a 1 piece mat you will need a felt or fabric up to 130cm wide.

I bought 150cm of felt on the roll from Abakhan Fabrics in Bolton UK 

FOLD your fabric and lay the pattern on the fold

Choose your size S/M/L depending on the size of your tree.

Make a circle Christmas tree skirt

CUT x1 on the fold


Cut down into the circle to create an opening

At this point you can be finished... or you can go on to bind and embellish your mat.

In the photos I bound the edges with cotton bias binding and created a fairy light pattern with coloured felt and jute cord.

Knock yourself out and have some fun! Please share your creations with me @frecklesandcocraft

DIY Christmas Tree Mat Freckles and Co Craft

DIY Christmas Tree Mat Freckles and Co Craft

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