Embroidery Hoops display

Use Embroidery Hoops to display your favourite fabric prints on the wall.

I wanted to find a way of displaying our latest fabric prints at Stitch as they arrive in store and thought it would also decorate the white walls nicely. I've seen this done before in magazines and didn't realise it was so quick and easy.

How to cover your embroidery hoop in 3 easy steps:

Here's what you need:

Standard Embroidery hoops (size of your choice) / Fabric / sharp little scissors

1> Wrap

2> Trim - Tighten the embroidery hoop and trim the edges of the fabric away with really sharp little scissors. This will ensure that no fabric will be seen outside the hoop. Use different prints in the same way.

3> Hang - Display your little masterpiece using a small nail in the wall hanging the hoop on the tightening screw. Use different sized hoops clustered together to create a display.



The fabrics seen in these photos are Michael Miller Fiesta buy them online and and at Stitch Studio.

Buy embroidery hoops from us too.

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