Framing with embroidery hoops

Use Embroidery Hoops to frame pretty things on your wall.

Framing with embroidery hoops is really simple just choose your favourite embroidery, fabric scrap or even sacred little details from old clothing.

See this tutorial below where I framed a super cute little rabbit embroidery that was located on the back of a coat my two children wore as toddlers. This Rabbit holds special memories for us and now it adorns our wall at home.

Here's how to do it:

What you'll need:

  • Chosen Fabric or item of clothing etc
  • Standard Embroidery hoop (size of your choice / make sure the detail of your chosen fabric fits into the hoop with space around it to breath)
  • Sharp little scissors

1> Align the central point of interest of your fabric over the smaller ring. Secure the hoops together placing the larger ring on top and secure as tight as you can (ensuring that the top of the picture/pattern is aligned with the screw fixing)

2> Pull the fabric tight in the hoop until it is stretched and all wrinkles have disappeared. This is your last chance to get everything in place before you trim so make sure everything is where you want it. When you are happy trim the edges of the fabric away at the back with really sharp little scissors. This will ensure that no fabric will be seen outside the hoop. 


3> Hang - Display your little masterpiece using a small nail in the wall hanging the hoop on the screw fixing. Enjoy...

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