Cacti that you can't kill

Make these Cool Cacti with scraps of fabric and felt, and the best bit is you don't have to water them!

Here's what you will need:

I like to use a sewing machine but hand sewing will work just as well.

Start by downloading our PDF templates and worksheet. You can change the size of your plant by enlarging or reducing the pattern on a photocopier.

Cacti worksheet and templates

Choose some fabrics of varying shades of green or get funky and choose any colours you like. When using felt ignore Step 2.

1 CUT out and PIN the paper pattern to your chosen fabric and cut out as many pieces as it says is required.

2 LAY 2 pieces of fabric 'Right sides' together pattern facing inward and PIN

3 Sew around the outside of the shape, using a small appropriate seam allowance, leaving the bottom edge open. (TIP: reverse at the start and finish of your seam to secure)

4 TURN your shape through the right way out and finger roll your edges neat. PRESS (Iron) if required.

5 TOPSITCH all around the shape again using a small seam allowance.

REPEAT with all other fabric pieces.

6 Lay all shapes together and SEW right up the middle of all layers to join them.


7 STUFF up inside your segments. (TIP: Use a pencil to help you feed small amounts of stuffing into the small holes and stuff each segment a little at a time)

And there you have your basic cactus, now consider will your cacti have a flower? Or bead embellishments? The choice is yours...


Consider what Pot or container your plant will live in and if necessary cut a round felt template on soil/sandy brown to secure and hide any mess inside your pot.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

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