Sun Hat Pattern Round Up

As Summer approaches I thought it would be good to pull together all my Sun Hat sewing patterns in one place so you can choose your fav or just make them all.

Sun hat sewing pattern round up

All my sewing patterns have an accompanying BLOG sewing tutorial to walk you through the construction step by step.

Sizing - When it comes to sizing and what size to make I would recommend measuring the circumference of the head that will wear your hat. Sounds obvious but circumference is hard to judge and rather than waste good fabric, what do they say: Measure twice cut once.

All the patterns below are reversible which is so great when you are wearing with plains or prints and want to switch up the look a little so pick your favourite fabrics and have some fun.

1 - Hennes Sun Hat 

The Hennes has 3 size options S/M/L and is suitable for large kids and adults heads. 

2 - Reversible Kids Sun Hat

This adorable kids version of the Hennes above was the hat I made when my kids were small and I was looking for something they would keep on their head. They loved the reversibility, I must have made a trillion in fun kids prints!  

3 - Greystoke wide brimmed sun hat

The Greystoke pattern was born on holiday when I wanted something a bit more chic. I knew I wanted a wide brim but with the comfort of the Hennes cap.

The Greystoke pattern is sized XS-XL so this one spans any size really although I can't imagine a little one wanting such a big brim.

4 - Topless Greystoke Sun Hat

Have a guess where this design came from?! anyone who knows me knows that myself and my 2 daughters have crazy curly hair so hat hair can be a real issue. They constantly have a ponytail or bun on the go but still want to sun shade and so the Topless Greystoke was created.

Same wide brim as the Greystoke above but the cap segments are cropped and tapered in slightly to keep the band from slipping down.

This design is perfect for anyone needing to keep the hat hair at bay. 

This one is also reversible which is so cool when you can reverse the fabric prints on either side and have some fun.

Right which one are you going to make next?

When making sun hats you will inevitably need to think about how to stiffen the brim, especially with the wide brim designs. For the wide brim hats I always use a heavy weight fusible interfacing/stabilizer and maybe just a medium weight for the smaller hats.

If you don't use any at all this is what happens

Sun hat brim stabilising 

Head to my YouTube channel to see me making the kids and Gresytoke sun hats live.

Freckles and Co sewing tutorial YouTube videos

Thanks for reading to the end, as a reward here's a little treat: use code BLOGREADER in my pattern shop to get 15% off your next Freckles and Co sewing pattern.

If you'd like advice on any of these patterns connect with me over on Instagram @frecklesandcocraft

Happy sewing

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