12 Days of Sewing

It's the holiday season and I was thinking about the new year and what advise I would give my future sewing self as I dive head first into a new year of sewing projects and creativity.

In a '12 days of Christmas' style I wondered if I could impart 12 pieces of valuable advise, tips and tricks that might also help you on your sewing journey. 

So here goes! (can you hear the tune? Falalalala la la la la...)

1 thing

1 way to get good at Sewing: is to sew sew sew! Sounds obvious but seriously the more you practice (and fail sometimes) the more confidence you will gain and the where the fun begins. 


2 things I always tell all my students: Allow yourself to be a beginner! Oh and "put the presser foot down before you start!!"

3 ways to make cushion covers 

3 time saving tips for sewing success

  1. Plan in advance! What will you make and materials do you need to gather.
  2. Schedule in sewing time, when and where can you be uninterrupted?
  3. Make a sample. Controversial and most of us can't be bothered but if you can make a rough sample in cheap scrap fabric you will learn SO MUCH and save time on silly mistakes. Hell you may even make time saving adjustments or make brilliant adjustments once you understand the project.

4 ways to care for your sewing machine 

4 ways to care for your sewing machine:

  1. Cover your machine when not in use to avoid dust build up.
  2. Oil the workings every few months
  3. Change your needle every once in a while especially if it looks bent
  4. Remove dust and thread bits from your spool case regularly. Blow or use tweezers.

5 sewing tools that I can't sew without 

 5 sewing tools I can't live without:

  1. Sewing machine, bit obvious but essential and you have to make friends with your machine
  2. Rotary cutter and self healing mat
  3. Sharp shears (lock these away!)
  4. Spare spools (a million empty spools needed)
  5. Wonderclips

6 scrap sewing ideas

6 ideas to use up scrap fabric:

Check out these ideas on Pinterest

  1. Stuffing
  2. Crazy patch
  3. Create yarn / fabric twine
  4. Basket weaving
  5. Hair clip bows and scrunching
  6. Bunting

7 ways to get back your sewjo

7 ways to get back your SEWJO if you've lost it

  1. Simplify go back to basics so you can succeed spectacularly
  2. Learn a new technique
  3. Read a craft book
  4. Make a gift
  5. Sew with friends to bring back the fun
  6. Get on Pinterest
  7. Make time and fight for it

8 sewing project on my bucket list for 2024 

8 projects on my bucket list for next year

See these ideas on my bucket list Pinterest board

  1. Blazer / always wanted to
  2. Back less summer dress
  3. Palazzo pants
  4. Boho dress
  5. Blouse
  6. Crochet blanket
  7. Liberty quilt
  8. Table cloth blouse (spiltmilk, look it up)

There seems to be a dressmaking theme emerging!

9 craft tools on my wishlist

9 crafty items on my wish list for 2024

I had some fun collating this list, went on a little make believe shopping trip.

  1. Cricut machine
  2. Sewing machine upgrade / big dreams but hell why not!
  3. Long sheers for dressmaking / lock these babies up.
  4. Large foldable cutting mat / foldable yes please!
  5. GBSB book - The modern wardrobe
  6. Project book and journal
  7. Sewing room sign / just for fun
  8. Liberty London - The History / obsessed
  9. Coverstitch machine

10 great reasons to sew

10 good reasons to SEW

  1. Exploring your creative ideas can give you confidence
  2. Sewing can help you keep hand eye coordination
  3. Craft is proven good for your health
  4. Sewing gifts can save you money and make you very popular
  5. Being able to make things from scratch is rewarding
  6. Making your own clothes is widely enviable
  7. Being able to realise your own ideas in fabric is awesome
  8. Fabric shops are where the cool people hang out
  9. You will NEVER be bored
  10. Sewing can earn you money if you need it to

11 ways to organise your sewing room

11 ways to organise your sewing room for peace and harmony.

  1. Keep your sewing desk clear and ready for action.
  2. Positioning - The golden triangle between your machine, cutting mat and ironing station. 
  3. Colour code your fabric stash.
  4. Hang your tools nearby for easy access.
  5. Keep matching thread and spools together.
  6. File sewing patterns in folders or a draw for easy identification.
  7. Have inspiration on show. Magazine tears, affirmations, whatever inspires you, make sure you can see it even if you have to tack it to the wall.
  8. Keep your work in progress projects organised in bags or boxes, so you can pick up where you left off when you wandered off to start something new (inevitable).
  9. Create a sewing notebook, you will ALWAYS need to keep notes on little alterations, thread colours or measurements that you'll need to refer back to.
  10. Have a seam ripper on every work surface.
  11. Check out my BLOG POST on how to create your dream sewing space.

12 sewing projects for your try today

12 sewing projects for your to try today:

  1. Three Bears Floor Cushions
  2. Kelpie Pouf
  3. Toiletry bag
  4. Greystoke Wide Brim Sun Hat
  5. Brancaster Tote Bag
  6. Bolster Cushion
  7. Yoga Mat bag
  8. Tool belt apron
  9. Bobby Party Bunting
  10. Fairy light bunting
  11. Hennes Reversible Sun Hat
  12. Cut and Sew Rainbow Pouf

Phew! and there you have it 12 damn good reason to get your craft on, how to do it and why. Well technically 78 points all together but that's just value lol.

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