Collection: Private Sewing Lessons

Do you want some private tuition. Would you prefer to learn 1:1 rather than in a big group? Do you have commitments that make it hard to join a group.

Or maybe you have a group of friends or family that you would love to learn with?

If so why not consider some private classes. I can teach you 1:1 privately or in a small group situation.

These lessons can include getting to know a sewing machine, practicing tricky sewing techniques, working on your sewing goals or would you like to try dressmaking?

Prices are as follows for tuition at Stitch Studio Ramsbottom BL0


  • 1:1 face to face tuition £30/hr or £50 for 2hr lesson.
  • 2:1 face to face tuition £25pp/hr or £40pp for 2hr lesson.
  • Small group - 3-6 people minimum £25pp/hr or £40pp for 2hr lesson/workshop.
  • Parent and child lesson £40/hr or £60 for 2hr lesson.

Get in touch to enquire about availability.

Alternatively we can connect online see ONLINE LESSONS